Recruitment Team Mastery
Powerful Team Building for Staffing Teams
The power of synergy creates extraordinary results for teams aligned behind a common purpose and vision. Yet being collaborative as a group is not enough to deliver the kind of results expected by increasingly demanding clients. Now there's Recruitment Team Mastery , one of the first intact team building programs designed specifically for staffing teams seeking to maximize their performance potential. Recruitment Team Mastery will transform your staffing group into a unified, in-synch, high performance team that consistently produces extraordinary results - and satisfied customers!

Through a series of discussions, exercises and assessment tools, Recruitment Team Mastery strengthens the effectiveness of recruitment teams to help them meet their business objectives and exceed their goals while aligning with the company's mission, vision and values. The effects are a quantum leap in the team's ability to deliver service on time and under budget - with excellent client satisfaction. Because no two staffing departments are alike, we work with you to customize the program to suit your needs, objectives, style and culture.

Recruitment Team Mastery components include:

  • Recruitment Team Profile - Provides an incisive tool for teams to assess their current teamwork competency level based on a number of teaming skills and abilities. [MORE]
  • Recruitment-Based Values - Engages teams in a powerful exercise to identify and align on values that drive excellent recruiting performance. [MORE]
  • Team Operating Principles - Examines a series of creative principles that can transform the team's ability to produce outstanding results. [MORE]
  • Team Purpose - Provides a forum for teams to answer a number of fundamental questions that help clarify their roles as staffing professionals within the organization and allows them to connect with their shared passion for the profession. [MORE]
  • Team Vision - Guides teams through a visioning process designed to create a six month to one year shared vision that opens up the possibility of extraordinary success. [MORE]
  • Game Plan and Accountabilities - Supports teams in developing key initiatives, action steps and accountability systems to achieve the high performance goals set by the team. [MORE]
  • Recruiter Behavior Matrix - Engages teams in a fun and light exercise that deepens their level of awareness of self and teammates resulting in significant improvements in working relationships and team synergy [MORE]



Recruitment Team Mastery will provide your team with the ability to create extraordinary synergy within your organization. For more information on this unique recruitment team building program
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