Recruitment Team Mastery
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Recruitment Team Mastery will provide your team with the ability to create extraordinary synergy within your organization. For more information on this unique recruitment team building program
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  • The Recruitment Team Profile
  • Recruitment-Based Values
  • Team Operating Principles
  • Team Purpose
  • Team Vision
  • Game Plan and Accountabilities - Once a team has created a shared vision, the next step is to create a game plan and a well-defined accountability system that will ensure that the journey is taken and the team arrives at the intended destination. This important segment of Recruitment Team Mastery is devoted to the development of key initiatives, action steps and accountability systems to achieve the high performance goals set by the team. And unlike many visionary initiatives that fall by the wayside as a result of time considerations, this module includes a system to ensure consistent follow up.
  • Recruitment Behavior Matrix
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