Talent Acquisition Services
Domestic and International Search Consulting


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In the war for talent, are your recruiting expenses starting to look like the nation's defense budget? QuPeople will handle your domestic and international staffing engagements on a project basis delivering the right talent to your satisfaction - on time and under budget. Our extensive talent acquisition experience coupled with a background in leadership, organizational development and client relationship management uniquely qualifies us to handle engagements with a sophisticated eye.

The Heart of the Matter

After a thorough evaluation of your business and your staffing requirements, together we implement and execute your solutions with project management rigor and discipline that includes well-defined schedules, milestones, budgets, reporting and metrics. And most importantly, we partner every step of the way through on-going formal and informal communication, constantly soliciting feedback and recalibrating as necessary.

Custom Designed Services to Meet Your Needs

In today's dynamic talent management marketplace, one size does not fit all. Choose from a variety of talent management services tailored to your organization's needs:

  • On or off-site full-lifecycle retained executive search
  • On or off-site elements of the search process such as research, candidate identification, screening, interviewing, candidate selection and pre-employment activities including reference checking, background checks and offer negotiations.
  • On or off-site integrated multiple searches. If there is a need for multiple searches within the same organization, there is no reason to treat each one as a totally separate entity as is traditionally done in executive search. Integrating multiple searches creates faster and more cost-effective results.
  • On or off-site dedicated recruiting and staffing professionals and support staff, including contract recruiters.
  • On or off-site staffing management, strategic planning/forecasting and talent acquisition project management services.
  • Temporary talent for short and long-term needs.