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Maximizing the Impact of Your Employment Brand

Maximize the Impact of Your Employment Brand

Do your recruitment strategies fully leverage the power of your corporate brand?

If there was a Human Resources talk show circuit, Employment Branding would be today's hot topic. Once the private property of marketing gurus, branding is no longer the domain of consumer products and packaged goods companies. Now there's an affordable, staffing-friendly branding solution designed to support you in leveraging your existing employer brand for maximum talent acquisition effectiveness - QuPeople Branding Solutions. Effective Branding Supports Extraordinary Talent Acquisition

The strategic leveraging of your employer brand to enhance your talent acquisition efforts has a significant impact on your ability to hire and keep the best talent. Being clear about the employment experience you are delivering, and how your job candidates perceive your brand and value proposition is the first step in the employer brand building process. This information leads to the establishment of a strong brand positioning statement that can impact your organization's bottom line results, profitability and long term prospects.

You Don't Have to Reinvent the Wheel

Virtually every company that makes or sells products and services significantly invests in brand development and communication. So why reinvent the wheel? QuPeople will work with your talent acquisition team to:

  • Apply the same discipline and rigor to your Employment Brand Strategy that are used for product and service brand management programs
  • Utilize marketing plans, goals, objectives and ROI results analysis and measurement to ensure that your corporate brand is leveraged to its maximum potential
  • Create a strong employer brand positioning statement that cuts across all communications - internal, external, marketing and staffing
  • Ensure that your company's existing brand identity and integrity are seamlessly leveraged into an Employment Brand Strategy that is fully executable and completely measurable.

When thinking branding, let QuPeople help your talent acquisition team ramp up your brand value proposition - for maximum visibility and return on investment.



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