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Recruitment Team Mastery will provide your team with the ability to create extraordinary synergy within your organization. For more information on this unique recruitment team building program
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  • The Recruitment Team Profile- One of the most powerful things a group of staffing professionals can do to ramp up effectiveness is to step outside the day-to-day grind to examine how the team functions - as a team. Are you a group of individuals working side-by-side, or are you functioning as an interdependent, high performance team? The Recruitment Team Profile provides this opportunity by allowing staffing teams to assess their teamwork competency-level based on a number of teaming skills and abilities. Goals are then set for achieving a high level of team performance within a given timeframe, usually six months to a year. During the second half of the program, teams create a game plan to achieve their stated goals, assigning accountability for the various initiatives that are created.
  • Recruitment-Based Values
  • Team Operating Principles
  • Team Purpose
  • Team Vision
  • Game Plan and Accountabilities
  • Recruitment Behavior Matrix
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