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In today's demanding talent management environment, Recruiters are expected to be more than sourcing specialists who put feelers out to attract job seekers, screen candidates and complete the necessary paperwork to get someone hired. Hiring managers will benefit from a strategic alliance with their staffing professionals - talent acquisition experts who understand their business and possess highly developed skills in project and client relationship management.

Now there's an affordable, comprehensive training program that provides strategic recruiting skills for staffing professionals. Delivered on an ongoing basis nationwide, Recruitment Mastery© is also available as a one to three day intact team training program tailored for your organization's specific needs.

Beyond E-Recruiting

Much of the recruitment training that exists today focuses on the internet. Recruitment Mastery© complements existing internet education by providing strategic level recruitment training to enhance your creative sourcing abilities, develop your project management expertise and polish your client relationship management skills. Our comprehensive training program focuses on recruiting best practices in an interactive and experiential setting, addressing the needs of both entry level and experienced staffing professionals. Topics include:


  • Strategic Business Partnering for Recruiters - What it means to be a strategic business partner and why strategic business partnering is so important…Information you should be gathering about your organization, industry and business environment… What strategic business partnering relationships look like in your day-to-day recruitment activities.
  • Planning and Preparing for Search Assignments - Critical steps in recruitment planning…Conducting effective recruitment planning meetings with your hiring manager … How to effectively network with the hiring manager to generate leads …Managing client expectations - service level agreements… How to create marketing- driven position profiles.
  • Recruitment Project Management - How to utilize project planning techniques in recruiting
    …A powerful recruitment business planning model that expedites recruitment assignments…
    The benefit of creating SMART goals and milestones for every recruiting job.
  • Recruiter Time Management - Identify your " default" ways of recruiting as a doorway to transforming your recruitment effectiveness…Effectively manage and schedule your time to meet recruitment deadlines …Integrate regular recruitment practices to accomplish crucial tasks…The role of visioning in recruitment time management.
  • Developing a Creative Sourcing Mix - How to determine the best sourcing mix for any recruiting assignment… Mastering direct sourcing…The art of networking and cold calling…Conducting targeted research…How to integrate your internet recruiting efforts into your overall recruiting strategy…Maximizing traditional recruitment sources… Responding to the fluctuating supply-demand of the labor market…Getting the most out of your employee referral program… Alternative recruiting strategies - when demand exceeds supply.
  • Diversity Recruiting - Integrating diversity into your overall recruiting strategy…Effective and appropriate ways to target diversity candidates…Strategically managing relationships with diversity partners…Building employment brand awareness in the diversity marketplace …Utilizing recruitment project management techniques to support diversity initiatives.
  • Client Relationship Management - Providing world class customer service to your hiring managers, candidates and other stakeholders…The art of the deal - closing as you go…Effective strategies for counter-offers and multiple offers.
  • Evaluating Recruitment Effectiveness - Qualitative and quantitative approaches to measure recruitment effectiveness…Simple and practical recruitment metrics that keep you on track …
    Effective ways to solicit performance feedback from clients.

Recruitment Mastery© is delivered nationwide in selected cities throughout the year or as an intact team training program designed specifically to fit your unique needs. As with all our programs, we will work closely with you to ensure that Recruitment Mastery© delivers information and messages that dovetail with your organization's talent management philosophy and process.

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