Recruitment Mastery

Strategic Recruitment Training for Staffing Professionals

Are your recruiters overwhelmed handling heavy caseloads while meeting the demands of hiring managers? Are they drowning in a sea of resumes, with never enough time to do the job right?

QuPeople invites you to participate in Recruitment Mastery, an innovative workshop that trains recruiters and other staffing professionals in managing their recruiting assignments more strategically and creatively. Available as intact team training and in public workshops, Recruitment Masteryprovides an instructional overview of the best current practices in talent acquisition.

In Recruitment Mastery, staffing professionals will learn how to:

• Think like true strategic business partners
• Conduct effective recruitment planning meetings with the hiring manager
• Manage client expectations, including service level agreements and world-class service
• Utilize project planning techniques in recruiting
• Manage time to meet recruitment deadlines
• Determine the best low to no-fee sourcing mix for any recruiting assignment
• Optimize networking and cold-calling
• Conduct targeted research
• Target diversity candidates appropriately
• Deploy simple and practical recruitment metrics that keep staffing professionals on track


Staffing professionals who attend Recruitment Masterywill improve their ability to deliver high- quality candidates with speed, cost-effectiveness and greater customer satisfaction, saving thousands in sourcing fees and labor costs. Organizations that recognize the strategic value of their talent acquisition professionals are well positioned to produce quality results, long-term profitability, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.



Recruitment Mastery is delivered nationwide in selected cities throughout the year or as an intact team training program designed specifically to fit your unique needs. As with all our programs, we will work closely with you to ensure that Recruitment Mastery delivers information and messages that dovetail with your organization's talent management philosophy and process.

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