Values-Based Interviewing©
Effective Selection Strategies for Staffing Professionals and Hiring Managers

Do you ever experience hiring candidates with great promise and all the requisite skills and attitude only to later find they're not a good match for the organization or team? Is turnover impacting your profit and loss statement due to rehiring costs, training costs, foregone income and reduced productivity?

QuPeople invites you to Values-Based Interviewing©, an innovative workshop that trains staffing professionals and hiring managers in interviewing strategies and techniques and that result in hires who are the right fit for your organization.

In Values-Based Interviewing©, staffing professionals and hiring managers will learn how to:

• Create strategies to achieve validity and reliability in the selection process
• Design effective interview formats utilizing position profiles and success    criteria
• Integrate company purpose, values, vision, organizational dynamics and    culture into the selection process
• Assess diversity competencies while working within EEO and legal guidelines
• Prepare for and conduct the interview - effective styles and techniques
• Properly evaluate candidates and document interviews
• Understand and recognize the value of intuition and "gut feel" in the selection    process
• Provide outstanding customer service throughout the entire interview life cycle


Staffing professionals and hiring managers who attend Values-Based Interviewing© will improve their ability to select candidates that are in synch with the team and organization, resulting in more motivated and productive employees who produce greater results with lower turnover.

Values-Based Interviewing© is available as intact team training and in public workshops.



Values-Based Interviewing
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