Declaration of Operating Principles


People are the building blocks of business - critical to the success of every company in the world. When operating as effective leaders, they can help you achieve extraordinary things. One of the hallmarks of QuPeople - at the core of who we are and what we do - is that we recognize and align on a set of operating principles that we believe are at the root of every person's performance, and by extension, every team's performance. The following principles thread through every facet of our business, from the content in our training programs and the methodology we use to conduct searches, to our customer relationship management philosophy:


To Think is To Create
: We believe that the way people think directly impacts their productivity. Therefore, speaking, which is an extension of thinking, is a powerful act of creation. Whether making plans or making promises, we are creative, committed and precise in our communication - precise in our communication.

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts
: We believe that seeing the big picture, thinking strategically, optimizing resources and being in action are the keys to creating effective results. "Wat does your success look like?" is a frequently asked question at QuPeople.

Vision Coupled with Action Produces Results: We believe that focusing on the end result first and then getting into action is the key to creating results with velocity. "What does your success look like?" is a frequently asked question at QuPeople.

Giving is Gaining: We believe in "business karma." Collaborating, sharing, giving - and in turn welcoming support - are fundamental ways of doing business for us.

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